Slovenia Investment Citizenship 2020

Looking to gain a foothold in Europe by investing in Slovenia?

The good news:

Until early 2019, you CAN apply for EU residency with an investment of only €150,000.

The BAD news:

Public sentiment in Europe is fast shifting in favour of increased restriction and regulation. The window of opportunity is closing for South Africans.

The bottom-line?

Our client slots are filling up FAST, and if you’re not in the queue soon, you’re going to lose out on the ability to get a Plan B in place fast.

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About the process

As with most jurisdictions in Schengen Europe, getting citizenship in Slovenia is a process. Your first objective will be to gain permanent residency. In countries like Spain and Portugal, you have the option to gain residency rights through property investment. Thanks to bureaucratic inefficiencies, this option tends to be both challenging and costly. The eligible property investment requirement for these countries are from €350,000 and €500,000, respectively, placing it beyond the financial means of a large section of the South African middle market.

Slovenia, on the other hand, doesn’t have a Golden Visa program per se. It does, however, enable foreign nationals to gain residency by making an eligible business investment, which could also have a property component.

Getting Slovenian Citizenship: Key Considerations

The Slovenian government looks at a range of self-sufficiency criteria, however eligible investments can be from as little as €100,000, making it a far more affordable option for South African families and business people investigating a Plan B in Europe. The fees for a family application come in at around €24,000. In terms of the application process’ duration, you’re looking at around 4 months, making it a relatively fast road to EU residency.

Some of the benefits of a Slovenian investment residency include:

Exceptional quality of life in a highly central European location.

Become eligible to apply for Slovenian citizenship after maintaining your permanent residency for 5 years or more.

A dynamic business investment that opens doors into Europe

Visa free travel to and within the EU.


Why Choose Slovenia?

Slovenia is a safe, beautiful and highly centrally situated European country. It is an acclaimed tourism destination, boasting sumptuous cuisine, a rich culture and a reputation as Europe’s second-greenest country. The country is bordered by Italy, Croatia, Austria and Hungary.

It is a mecca for a variety of outdoor sports and leisure activities, and you can fly to most European destinations in under two hours. Its economy and political situation is stable, and time zone wise it is well aligned with that of South Africa, making it well positioned for businesses and professionals servicing clients in South Africa remotely. Property prices are highly affordable, compared to other similar cities in Europe, and you have the option of investing in either residential or commercial property should you so choose.

Upon approval, you’ll be issued with an EU residency card, enabling you to live, work and travel visa free within Schengen Europe. The road to full citizenship only start once you’ve maintained permanent residency for a period of 5 years, however at that point you will be eligible to apply for full EU Citizenship. You can view our streamlined Slovenian residency application process below:


Why Choose Maiden & Associates?

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Our key area of expertise is second residencies, but we are well versed in most of the key areas pertaining to EU emigration.

A simple process: Our simple 7-step process paves the way towards EU or US Residency for your family.

Success rate: We are very proud of our 100% success rate, and we are can finalise your EU residency application within 4 months or less.

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