Poland Residency By Investment 2020

Europe’s most affordable second residency solution

Looking for the ultimate bolt hole destination in the EU in 2020? Perfectly situated in Central Europe, Poland is an excellent option for South Africans considering a back-up plan in the European Union.
While the country does not presently offer a formally packaged Citizenship By Investment (CBI) or Residency By Investment program, you do have the option of gaining Polish residency by means of investment, i.e. gaining residency by engaging in an eligible business activity.
And with the minimum eligible business investment being as little as EUR 100,000, polish residency is within reach of more South African families and entrepreneurs than the Golden Visa Programs of Spain, Malta and Portugal.

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Why invest in Poland for EU residency?

FULL EU RESIDENCY: A Polish investment residency is the ultimate Plan B for South Africans concerned about wealth preservation or the deteriorating socio-economic situation in South Africa. While gaining permanent residency is a process, you can gain the freedom to live, study and travel within the EU visa free by investing in Poland.

POLITICAL STABILITY: Poland is a stable democracy that joined the European Union in 2004. The country has close ties with Germany, and has become one of Europe’s biggest economic success stories since it became a market economy in the early Nineties.

TRAVEL DESTINATION: Poland is a beautiful, culturally rich country that has increasingly become sought after as an international travel destination.

ECONOMIC GROWTH: The country has enjoyed 25 years of uninterrupted growth, driven by growing domestic demand, foreign investment and a stable banking system. Its per capita GDP has climbed from 49% of the EU25 average in 2004 to 69% in 2016.

CENTRAL LOCATION: The country’s location is particularly attractive from a regional trade point of view, given that it shares borders with Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus, the Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. The flight time from Warsaw to Munich is 95 minutes, and 2 hours 5 minutes to Amsterdam and 2 hours 40 minutes to London.

LOW TAXATION: The standard corporate income tax rate in Poland is 19%, making it an ideal European business destination.

Time Zones: Poland is well situated for remote workers and business professionals alike from a time zone perspective, given that it shares the same time zone as South Africa.

Polish citizenship by investment?
Poland presently does not offer a packaged citizenship by investment or Poland Golden Visa program, meaning that the road to naturalisation requires residing in-country for more than 10 years, with obtaining permanent residency being a prior step.

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Why Choose Maiden & Associates?

EU Residency Experts: Maiden & Associates specialise in helping South African passport holders obtain second country residency in Schengen Europe.


MOST AFFORDABLE EU RESIDENCY: The investment requirement for our proprietary EU Residency solutions can be up to 66% less than that associated with the Golden Visa Programs of Portugal, Malta and Spain. With the eligible investment required starting from only EUR100,000, our product is the most affordable option for establishing EU residency rights as a South African national. In the past few years we have also developed an investment residency programme for Turkey for South African families seeking a more cost effective alternative.

SIMPLE PROCESS: Our straightforward, 7-step process can enable you to obtain EU residency within as little as 4 months.

CAPE TOWN BASED: Conveniently situated in the V&A Waterfront, trading country wide.

100% SUCCESS RATE: When it comes to second country residency applications, we are leading South African specialists. Over the past two decades, we have assisted several hundred South African families in obtaining residency rights in jurisdictions like Cyprus, Malta, Slovenia, Portugal, Spain and Turkey.


Immigration regulations in Poland and other beneficial EU jurisdictions are increasingly more stringent. With annual intake volumes being limited, now is the time to act if you want to secure EU Residency rights for your family. Our available slots are filling up fast, so get in touch today to avoid having to wait until 2019 or later to get your residency process started.