Moldova Citizenship By Investment Programme (MCBI) 2020

Looking for an affordable citizenship by investment programme that will give you access to Schengen Europe in 2019? Find out more about the Moldovan Golden Visa Programme, or contact us to discover the best EU citizenship and residency options for South Africans.


The good news?

This programme is relatively new and offers a fast, clear road to second citizenship, but intake numbers are capped at 2,000 annually.

The bad?

Public sentiment across the rest of Europe is fast swinging towards curbing Golden Visa Programmes.

The bottom-line?

For South Africans wishing to get a Plan B in place, second residency or citizenship is a closing window of opportunity.


About the Moldovan Golden Visa Programme

The Moldovan government announced the launch of its Citizenship By Investment (MCBI) Programme in July 2018. In reality, however, it should really have been positioned as a “Citizenship By Donation” Programme, as citizenship is granted upon an applicant making a non-refundable donation to the Moldovan Public Investment Fund (PIF), rather than by making an eligible investment, as is the case with most EU Golden Citizenship programmes.

The Moldovan government is hopeful that that programme will attract around €1.3 billion over the next 5 years. Given Moldova’s ongoing challenges with institutional corruption, the programme has drawn some criticism and fear that it may be exploited for money laundering purposes, in particular.

The country’s Economics and Infrastructure Ministry is on record, however, as saying that only applicants who could meet the best international standards would be considered for acceptance. The proposed vetting process would include a 4-stage assessment of a candidate’s economic and financial standing and reputation, with checks being conducted by Interpol, the National Anti-Corruption Agency (CNA), Moldova’s Interior Ministry as well as the country’s Security and Intelligence agency.

Depending on your particular situation and needs, an EU Residency Programme may be a more appropriate means of establishing a footprint in the EU, but if obtaining EU citizenship outright is essential, the programme may be worth considering.

Programme Costs

The programme costs are as follows:
• €100,000 for a single applicant
• €115,000 per couple
• €145,000 for a family of 4
• €155 for a family of 5 or more.

Professional service fees associated with applications amount to €35,000. In addition, governmental fees are as follows:

• €5,000 for a single applicant
• €2,500 per spouse
• €1,000 per dependent child up to the age of 29
• €5,000 per dependent parent

Due diligence costs are charged for separately:
• €6,000 per primary applicant
• €5,000 each per spouse, dependent child and dependent parent.

Key program benefits

• No residency requirements, language tests or business skills required
• Citizenship extended to future generations
• Fast application process (typically around 3 months)
• All successful applicants receive a Moldovan passport
• Visa free travel to 112 countries in the world
• One of the cheapest CBI programmes in the world.


About Moldova

Moldova is a land-locked country with 4 million inhabitants, has already entered an association agreement with the European Union, and is actively pursuing EU membership. While Moldova is not yet an EU member state, a Moldovan visa does grant the bearer the right to travel throughout the EU visa free.

According to Passport Index, the Moldova passport is ranked 41st in the world, granting visa free travel to 112 countries in the world, including the likes of the UK, Russia, Turkey, Crimea, Palestine, Albania, the Bahamas, Bulgaria, Belarus, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Ecuador, Israel, Malta, Monaco, The Netherlands, Panama, Switzerland and Slovakia, to name but a few.


NB: The above article is for general informational purposes only. It is deemed accurate at the time of publication, however the accuracy of the information is not guaranteed by Maiden & Associates due to the changing nature of the requirements involved.


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