Looking for the ultimate Plan B for your SA family? Given the increasing socio-economic and political risks facing South Africa, more families are opting to establish a foothold in Europe. Contact us now to discover your options and learn more about investment citizenship from South Africa’s experts.

Why choose an investment residency in the EU?

Investment based EU residency offers a range of benefits, from the ability to live anywhere in Schengen Europe to travelling visa-free. Planting a flag in a second country serves as an effective back-up plan against living conditions deteriorating in South Africa.

What are my options in terms of EU Investment Residencies?

Purchasing foreign citizenship outright can be quite expensive,  but countries such as Cyprus do offer full citizenship programmes. In addition, several EU countries, including the likes of Portugal and Spain,  offer so-called Golden Visa Programs with more affordable investment thresholds. Additional variations exist; Italy, for example, offers a so-called Tax Residency Program that achieves similar residency objectives.

A number of jurisdictions, including the UK, Ireland and Spain, also offer you the ability to gain EU residency rights through business based investment programmes that blend the need for property investment and company establishment.

While there is no Slovenia Golden Visa Program per se, you do also have the option of gaining residency in this country by making an eligible business investment.

While you may have a specific country in mind in terms of where you’d like to settle, there are a number of jurisdictions considered preferable in terms of their friendliness towards foreign owned business interests and bureaucratic efficiencies.

Why choose Maiden & Associates?

  • We have a proven track record of 100% success – well over 100 South African family applications successfully processed
  • We offer the easiest and most affordable EU residency solution – and it costs only a fraction of a Golden Visa Programme
  • We offer a distinctly hands-on approach and accompany you to Europe for a seamless application process
  • You can get EU Residency and remain living in South Africa – you don’t need to relocate to Europe if you don’t want to.
  • Headquartered in the V&A Waterfront, we trade countrywide
  • We have extensive government relationships and on-the-ground infrastructure in Europe
  • We have over 10 years’ experience facilitating residency and second citizenship applications for South Africans
  • We can arrange your EU ID Cards over a period of 3 months – success guaranteed.

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