Hungarian Citizenship By Investment in 2020?

Looking to obtain eventual Hungarian citizenship by investment ? While Hungary does not have a direct citizenship programme in 2020, non-EU investors can obtain residency based on business establishment and trade, with a clear path to eventual citizenship through the conventional naturalisation process.

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AFFORDABILITY: With capital investments starting from only €150,000, the Hungarian programme is one of the most affordable Golden Visa programmes in the world.

SPEED: The Hungarian programme offers investors a fast and predictable process. Family reunification, in particular, happens faster in Hungary than just about any other EU country offering a golden residency programme. Your family’s residency application process can be started as soon as your own residency status is granted.

NO LANGUAGE TESTING: While basic proficiency in Hungarian would be useful over time, the programme does not require it, and there are consequently no language proficiency testing, as is the case with the Portuguese Golden Visa Programme.

LOW COMPANY TAXATION: Hungarian companies pay only 10% taxes, making this an excellent jurisdiction within which to establish your Golden Visa business project. 

LOCATION: Situated close to Croatia, Austria and Slovakia, Hungary is an excellent location for both business and lifestyle purposes.

START REMOTELY: Unlike with many other Golden Visa programmes in Europe, you can start your application process from your home country. Your company formation can be done remotely through power of attorney.


Maiden & Associates are South Africa’s experts for Hungarian investment residency applications. Having assisted several hundred South African clients and boasting a 100% success rate, we can help you realise your dream of a Plan B in Europe.

Investments from only €150,000 excluding fees. Limited slots – contact us now.

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