Start living the Mediterranean life in 2019 with Spain’s renowned Golden Visa Program. An enviable lifestyle, combined with EU residency rights and visa-free EU travel could be yours to enjoy within as little as 4 months from now. Find out more about this residency through investment scheme, or contact us now to discuss your EU Residency options – including your more affordable alternatives to a Spain Golden Visa.

About the Spanish Golden Visa Program

Launched in 2013, the Spanish program underwent some key changes during 2015. As it stands today, at the beginning of 2018, Spain’s Golden Visa has a minimum property investment requirement of €500,000. It is important to note that this investment cannot be financed through a home loan from a Spanish bank.

A key attraction is the fact that the investment requirement for married couples is also €500,000. This change kicked in during the 2015 amendments, making the program a lot more accessible to middle market investors.

An alternative to investing in real estate is to invest €2 million in Spanish government bonds or invest:

  • €1 million in stock or shares of a Spanish company
  • €1 million in investment funds; or
  • €1 million in qualifying bank deposit

The creation of a qualifying business in Spain could also see you qualifying for a Spanish Golden Visa.

Key factors to consider when applying for a second residency in the EU.

Key factors to consider when applying for a second residency in the EU.

How it works

Upon successful application and having made a qualifying real estate investment, you’ll be granted a Golden Visa with a 1-year validity. You can then apply to have this converted into a Residency Permit valid for 2 years, and which is renewable for periods of 5 years provided that the investment is maintained. During this period, you’ll not be required to live in Spain to renew your Golden Visa.

After a period of 5 years, you may apply for permanent residency. At this stage, you will be required to live in Spain for a minimum of 183 days per calendar year.

After having lived in Spain continually for more than 183 days per year for 10 years, you’ll be eligible to apply for full citizenship.

Why get a Golden Visa in Spain?

Alongside Portugal’s Golden Visa, the Spanish program has steadily been gaining in popularity among South African investors and families looking for a back-up plan against the uncertainties the country is facing.

A key reason for this is that the Spanish property market’s recover is well underway after the crash of mid-2014. Property investors in Spain also benefit materially from high rental yields, particularly in the city centres of popular cities such as Barcelona, Madrid and Sevilla, driven in part by the meteoric rise of peer-to-peer property rental platforms such as Airbnb. Another key benefit is that a Spanish Residency Permit allows you to work in Spain.

From a tax perspective, a Spanish Golden Visa is also quite appealing: You can buy your investment property directly or indirectly using a registered company, as long as you still hold the majority of shares and your company is not incorporated in a tax haven.

Spain was Europe’s sixth-largest economy in 2016, and is growing beyond many forecasters’ expectations.

Why choose Spain for your second residency?

While it isn’t the cheapest Golden Visa Program in Europe, Spain truly offers a lot as a second residency country. Centrally situated and boasting world renowned cuisine, a vibrant culture and awe inspiring scenery, Spain offers one of the best lifestyles in the world. The country is also reputed to have some of the finest international schools within the European Union. Their health infrastructure and services are also excellent.


How can I apply for a Golden Visa in Spain?

Maiden & Associates can assist you in applying for a Golden Visa. We can also offer you an alternative to obtaining Spanish residency through a property investment. Using our proprietary approach to second residencies in the EU, you could obtain EU residency that, once successfully obtained, is immediately valid for 5 years from the time of issue. And best of all, costs only a fraction of the price of a conventional Golden Visa investment.

A simple, 7-step application process

For more information regarding the Spain Golden Visa, get in touch with us today. Prospective clients also frequently find us on Google for search phrases such as “Spain investor visa” and “Spain investment visas“.