Fast EU Residency By Investment Programmes 2020

Looking for the ultimate Plan B for your family?

Maiden & Associates help South African passport holders and the South African families of EU nationals to gain residency in the EU through investment.

The good news?

You can now obtain EU residency within 4 months for an investment from only €150,000.

The bad news?

International sentiment is fast shifting towards restricting investment residency programmes, making NOW the best time to get your Plan B in place – before it’s too late.

Work, live or study anywhere in the European Union

Enjoy visa free travel to and within the EU

Obtain a dynamic property or business investment that opens doors into Europe

Gain residency rights and freedom of movement within the EU in 4 months

Become eligible to apply for citizenship after maintaining your residency for 5 years

Effective Rand hedge – peace of mind against political and economic instability in SA

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Top 5 Residency By Investment Programmes

Malta Investment Residency Programme

As one of the EU’s pioneering jurisdictions for residency and citizenship by investment, Malta is a destination of choice for many third country nationals seeking to internationalise their lives and businesses. The programme has, however, drawn its fair share of criticism and controversy given the fact that a number of Russian nationals of ill repute allegedly having received visas through the programme. There are a number of programme variations available, depending on whether you’re interested in Maltese Global Residency or outright citizenship, with eligible property investments starting from €275,000.

Portugal Golden Visa Programme

This is arguably the most well known second residency programme among South Africans, yet the Portuguese Golden Visa Programme has not been without its challenges. A clear distinction needs to be drawn between Golden Visa rights and permanent residency rights, and if your goal is establishing actual residency in Europe, it is advisable to assess the Greek Golden Visa and Slovenian Investment Residency Programme as well. What does count heavily in Portugal’s favour is the recent establishment of a  bond-based investment option, rather than the previous €350,000 property based investment requirement.

Spain Golden Visa Programme

Spain offers an incredible lifestyle – though it’s a challenging country to move to as a salaried employee employed in-country. Taxation for permanent residents is hefty, and a distinct anti-foreigner sentiment appears to be on the rise – especially in the north. And the Spanish Golden Visa is not cheap; based on the €500,000 investment requirement and the complex road to residency, it may be worthwhile investigating some alternative Golden Visa jurisdictions as well if you’re a South African national.

Greece Golden Visa Programme

Greece’s Golden Residency Programme has followed the Portuguese example and added a bond based investment option for second residency. While the Portuguese programme has recorded a slow-down in demand, given bureaucratic complexities and a challenging road to residency, the Greek residency programme appears to be going from strength to strength.

Slovenia Investment Residency Programme

While Slovenia doesn’t have a formally packaged Golden Visa programme, the country does offer a path to actual residency by business investment. The legal basis for EU residency through Slovenia is rooted in EU Treaty Rights application, and eligible investment requirements start from only €100,000, making it one of the most affordable jurisdictions for obtaining EU Residency.


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