As the socio-economic and political conditions keep deteriorating through 2018, more South African business people and families are starting to investigate their options for second citizenship or permanent residency abroad. While the Golden Visa Programs in Spain and Portugal are well known, the financial investment required to gain EU residency through investment is substantial. Start from EUR350,000 to north of EUR500,000, these programs are beyond the reach of most South African families.

The good news is that there are more affordable second residency programs available for South Africans wishing to get an offshore Plan B in place.

The bad news is this:

The OECD has just black-listed no less than 21 Golden Visa Europe and ROW programmes, and internationally public sentiment is forcing governments to increase restrictions on residency and citizenship programmes.


If you’re serious about this, now is the time to take action.

EU Residency Program: Slovenia

For those seeking residency in Europe, Slovenia is a particularly well suited jurisdiction. An eligible business investment of as little as EUR 100,000 could see you qualifying for Slovenian residency. There are, however, a number of financial self-sufficiency and related criteria that you’ll need to meet. The application process for second residency in Slovenia takes around 4 months.

Slovenia is renowned as a cultural and culinary destination, and is one of Europe’s Top 2 most verdant countries. It is centrally situated in Europe, and on the same time zone as South Africa (GMT +2), making it ideal as a location from which to do business in Europe and remotely in South Africa.

Once your application has been approved and your EU ID cards have been collected, you’ll be able to live, work and travel within the EU visa free. You’ll also have a dynamic property asset in Europe, serving as an effective hedge against Rand devaluation.

Turkish Second Residency and Citizenship By Investment Programmes

The Turkish Property Investment Residency Program is one of the most affordable second residency programs in the world, and is largely unpublicised in South Africa. For those seeking an offshore Plan B, but can’t afford to apply for EU permanent residency, Turkey offers an ideal solution.

By investing in a coastal property investment package from as little as R799,000 including fees, you and your family can obtain Turkish residency within as little as 2 months. Moreover, as of September 2018, you can also obtain Turkish citizenship by investment from only $250,000.

Sharing the same central location benefits as many other European countries, Turkey too is renowned as an international travel and cultural destination. Your investment property doubles as an overseas holiday home, enabling you to gain both potential growth and lifestyle benefits for well under R1 million. It therefore comes as no surprise that interest in this program is growing steadily, appealing to both young families and those seeking a vibrant retirement destination.

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