Croatian Business Residency Programme 2020

Looking for the fastest, most affordable EU residency by investment programme in 2020? Croatia offers third country nationals the ability to obtain EU residency by business investment in as little as 4 weeks.

What’s more, spouses and dependent children under 21 are eligible for residency under the primary member’s application, making the Croatian Residency Programme far more affordable than any other Golden Visa Programme in Europe. (There is, however no formal Croatian Golden Visa Programme in existence currently.)

The catch?

Annual intake volumes for this programme are extremely limited – only 40 slots are available to South African applicants per year, and as of 15 February, we only have 8 more slots left available for 2019. It is also anticipated that this programme will be closed permanently towards the end of 2019, so if you don’t take advantage of it now, this opportunity will be gone forever soon.

Worldwide, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for South African nationals to obtain second residency. Apply now to avoid a lifetime of regret and limited future choices.


How the Croatian residency programme works

The Croatian Residency Programme enables South Africans to obtain EU residency by making an eligible business investment, with capital investments starting from only €150,000. The process typically takes only 3 months, with a fast track option available. In terms of the relative simplicity of the application process, speed of application and costs, this EU residency programme is without equal.

While Croatia does have a relatively unknown residency by property investment programme, outcomes from this programme have been known to be inconsistent, making the self-determination based residency application pathway far more desirable – and far less costly.

Our fast-tracked application option enables you to obtain EU residency in under 1 month for the primary applicant for an additional fee of only €1,000 extra.

If your residency is not obtained within 1 month, your express application fee is refunded, no questions asked. 


Why choose Croatia for second residency?

Quality of life: Croatia is one of Europe’s top travel destinations, offering unparalleled quality of life, world class beaches, sumptuous local cuisine and an incredibly strategic location in Europe.

Freedom of movement: As a member of the European Union, having Croatian residency grants you the right to legal live, work, study and travel visa free the other countries within the EU.

Strategic location: Whether you’re looking to expand your business footprint, trade with other countries, retire care-free or conduct business remotely with South Africa, Croatia serves as an excellent foothold in Europe.

Peace of mind: The socio-economic and political outlook in South Africa is deteriorating by the day. Whether you’re worried about Eskom, social unrest, crime, land expropriation without compensation, the NHI or deteriorating quality of education in SA, second residency in Europe can give your family greater peace of mind and increased economic freedom.

Leave a global legacy: Obtaining second residency for your family can give them a greater range of choices, increased security and the ability to legally reside in a first world EU country. There is no greater gift you can give them, but the time to do so is running out as we speak.


Why choose Maiden?

  • SA’S EU SECOND RESIDENCY & CITIZENSHIP PLANNING EXPERTS: Maiden & Associates are SA’s leaders in affordable EU second residency solutions. Offering tailor-made solutions and expert insight, we have developed a reputation for superior outcomes and class-leading client service.

  • THE MOST AFFORDABLE EU RESIDENCY SOLUTIONS: Our EU residency by investment solutions are far more affordable than traditional Golden Visa programmes. We pioneered both the Turkish residency and citizenship solutions in South Africa, and are the only firm offering access to Croatian residency through self-determination.

  • HANDS-ON APPROACH: Our approach is methodical, and we’ll walk you through every step of the process towards obtaining second residency with speed and ease.

  • A FAST, PROVEN PROCESS: Offering over 20 years’ collective experience in facilitating EU and second country residency applications for South Africans, you can rest assured that your application is in expert hands.

  • 100% SUCCESS RATE: Our track record of success for pre-approved clients is 100%.

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