Citizenship By Investment Programmes 2020

Given the socio-economic and political uncertainties prevailing in South Africa, more families and business people are opting to put a “Plan B” in place. Second citizenship by investment can help you fire-proof your family’s future, and is associated with a range of benefits: Being able to legally live, work, study and travel to and within the EU is a powerful business enabler. We can help you realise your desired outcomes, whether you’re looking at Spain, Portugal, Malta, Cyprus, the USA, Slovenia, Ireland or the UK. We have also recently launched a Turkish residency solution as well as a Turkish Passport By Investment programme.

With a deep understanding of EU and US immigration law and bureaucratic procedures, we can help make your financial emigration or second citizenship by investment application simple and easy. And once approved, your residency rights are granted for a period of 5 years, after which you become eligible to apply for citizenship.


While a property purchase is typically part of obtaining a second residency, there are various factors to consider:

Citizenship Through Investment: What are my options as a South African?

Portugal, Malta, the USA and Spain are all popular second citizenship countries among South African investors. Another residency program that is gaining in popularity is the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program. The Malta citizenship by investment scheme has also been growing in popularity for a number of years.

Fundamentally, the right second nationality country for you will depend on your unique needs and life situation, so the best way to get started is to schedule a free consultation with us. Our proven application process is simple and straightfoward:

Residence by investment… passport through investment… citizenship by investment… visa by investment programmes – these are but a few examples of how people find us on Google. Having been in the financial immigration and second residency industry for well over a decade, we’ve successfully assisted well over 100 South African families internationalise their lives. Whether you are looking to obtain permanent EU residency, or gain a US Green Card, or “buy” a Cyprus passport or Maltese residency outright through investment, our Citizenship By Investment Experts can assist you and ensure a seamless application process.

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