Best Emigration Countries For South Africans 2020 UPDATED

Considering emigrating from South Africa? Maiden & Associates sheds some light on the best countries for South Africans to emigrate to in 2019:

Why emigrate from South Africa?

South Africans are presently emigrating in unprecedented numbers for a variety of reasons. Whether it is for wealth preservation, to seek great safety and economic stability, a better quality of life or lucrative employment opportunities, the volume of South Africans internationalising their lives is growing.

But where to?

So how then, to decide which country is best for you and your family? The answer will depend largely on what you’re after. Where people are interested in living in a specific country, it is typically based on career opportunities, family ties or an affinity to that specific culture. In recent years, however, SA nationals have increasingly been applying for EU residency as a back-up plan against South Africa Inc going under. Others pursue the American Dream by applying for an EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa.

In such instances, applicants are choosing their host jurisdictions more based on affordability and the efficiency of the application process. They are also less concerned with actually emigrating than with establishing a firm foothold abroad.

The most popular Investment Residency and Citizenship Programmes for South Africans – 2019

The following programmes have increasingly become popular with South African families and business professionals alike:

1) The USA Immigrant Investor Programme (USA EB-5 Visa Programme) – Investments from $500,000.

2) The Slovenia Business Investment Residency Programme (EU Residency Programme) – Investments from €125,000.

3) The Malta EEA / Family Reunification Residency Programme (only for families where one spouse has an EU or UK Passport)

4) The Portuguese Golden Visa Programme – Investments from €350,000

5) The Spanish Golden Visa Programme – Investments from €500,000

What is the most affordable EU country for residency?

With an EU residency obtained via the Slovenian Business Investment Programme, you can live, study and travel visa free across the European Union – and the process is far more affordable and efficient than those associated with the Spanish and Portuguese Golden Visa Programmes. What’s more, you can also obtain actual EU residency rights through Slovenia, rather than just a long stay visa, and the investment requirement is over 66% less.

More affordable alternatives to EU Golden Visas

SOUTH AMERICA: Europe is not the only destination for those looking for a Plan B. Over 20,000 South Africans live in Chile, for example, while several thousand SA nationals have chosen to make Panama and Paraguay their new home. But these are far-flung destinations, with major time zone differences and language barriers posing serious challenges to overcome.

The world’s most affordable second residency and citizenship programme

TURKEY: An often overlooked and highly compelling second residency and citizenship by investment option is Turkey. It is a far more budget friendly option; South African families can obtain Turkish residency for under R1 million, inclusive of property investment costs and professional service fees.

Furthermore, an eligible property investment of $250,000 will enable you to obtain second citizenship and passports for you, your spouse and your dependent children, making the Turkish programme one of the most affordable and compelling investment passport options in the world.

It is also an increasingly sought-after tourism and property investment destination, with the so-called Turquoise Coast offering a sun-drenched lifestyle and incredible value for money.

Why choose Maiden & Associates?

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