Want the ultimate backup plan? Researching ancestral visas and second citizenships with a view to give your spouse or children the ability to travel and live in Europe visa free? Contact us to discuss your exact EU residency requirements, or read on for more information on how a second residency in the EU could end your search for ancestral visas over a period of only 4 months.

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Give your children the ultimate life advantage

While a second residency is not to be mistaken for a second citizenship (which would ostensibly give your children dual citizenship), the benefits associated with a second residence in the EU are compelling. In addition to giving your children the ability to live and travel to and within the EU visa free, it also serves as the ultimate back-up plan should the social, economic and political situation in South Africa deteriorate rapidly and unexpectedly.

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A proven approach to ancestral visas and residency applications

With over 20 years’ expertise in  EU immigration, combined with a deep understanding of EU visa application processes, Maiden & Associates can help your children become truly global citizens.

A simple, 7-step application process

The following 7 step process is all that’s required for your kids to obtain a second residency in Europe:

Your children can become permanent EU residents

Using Maiden & Associates’ proven approach and deep understanding of European Immigration processes, your children can immediately be granted EU residence rights – replete with their own official EU ID cards granting them free movement in the EU. After this, they can become eligible to apply for full European citizenship.

What our clients are saying

“The Maiden team helped my daughter and wife obtain their EU Citizenship ID Cards in under 4 months. Their professionalism and attention to detail was impeccable – I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

– David Whitehouse, Cape Town.

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